Water & Weight Loss

Water is a person’s best friend as far as his healthy weight is concerned. Whether a person aims for weight reduction or not, water always plays a very important role.

People who aim to reduce weight should give extra emphasis on including more of water for themselves. Water consumption plays a very important part in the weight loss programs of an individual. Initially when a person goes on a diet routine for weight loss, there is a sharp decline in his weight but after a while the weight reduction process slows down and a dieter gets discouraged. This happens because when a person initially loses his weight it is not the real fat content of his body that he loses. Instead it is the amount of water that he loses in the beginning. This water is quite different from the water that a person perspires and loses during his exercise and other sauna sessions. Generally when a person loses weight there is a tendency to regain it but the pounds that you lose because of loss of water from your body does not have any chance to bring back your lost weight even if you drink lots of water. This is a very important way to make the dieters prevent from getting discouraged as they are not losing fat as anticipated. In fact this is the process of weight loss.

The body stores up sugar in glucose molecules which are held together with water which is collectively known as glycogen. So as a rule when a person goes on a diet, the first energy source that the body banks upon is this glycogen which is stored in our muscles and our liver. It is because of this that the initial weight loss is more of water than the real fat that a person wants to lose. Hence the initial back up that the body utilizes is this glycogen and then only the fat stores are used further by the body. It is this reason that after the initial few weeks of weight loss it comes to a stand-still. If you are a serious dieter and a weight loser aspirant then it is important for you to understand the mechanism of our body during the process of weight loss.

You should remember that the fast weight loss is not fat loss at all. Slower weight loss is healthier and durable than just a rapid weight loss. When you are on a diet you should make it a point that you should drink at least 1-1.5 liters of water everyday, because it prevents dehydration from your body while you are on a weight loss program This also detoxifies your body making you feel fuller. Weight loss programs are most effective only when you combine an exercise regime with it too. And in order to prevent the water loss, drink lots of water. Water contains no calories and moreover it detoxifies your system as well.

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